18th July 2019 
What is couple counselling? #01

What is couples counselling

Many couples facing problems in their relationship find it difficult to talk about what is troubling them. Couple therapy offers a safe space to hear each other, gain an understanding of each other's feelings and reactions and find more helpful ways of communicating.

What is couple counselling? #02

How you can benefit

As a couple therapist, I help you to talk to and listen to each other, and to look at the underlying issues and triggers that give rise to the difficulties between you. I do not take sides. At times the process can feel hard but many couples find it worthwhile. Exploring various aspects of the relationship can lead to new perspectives, discoveries and awareness about oneself, your partner and what the couple relationship means to each other. It can also help you to say the ‘unsaid’ things that you need the other to hear, and to express feelings in a safe space facilitated by the counsellor.

If you feel the relationship is no longer working for one or both of you, or you decide to separate or end the relationship, counselling can also offer support through this difficult and painful process.

What is couple counselling? #03

Who can benefit

Counselling is helpful for any couple experiencing difficulties in their relationship, looking for a way to communicate, to understand each other’s feelings and reconnect. Often it can be difficult to express feeling lonely or neglected within a relationship or a sense of distrust or distance from your partner. The couples I work with also bring issues that cause friction such as anger, jealousy, addictive behaviours, affairs, intimacy or sexual dissatisfaction.

Couple counselling can also be valuable for other adult family relationships such as father and daughter, mother and son, brother and sister as well as for friendships, colleagues or business partners where there are difficulties in the relationship.

Counselling can help couples coping with major life changes or challenges: whether it is the birth of a child, not having a child or children leaving home; illness or bereavement; or retirement and the challenges of growing older or caring for an elderly parent. Broader issues around work, career changes or moving house can also create stress and tension within relationships, and can benefit from the space to talk that counselling offers.

What is couple counselling? #04

The next step

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